Sara F. Thorndike - Credit: Patrick Mansell
Senior Vice President for Finance & Business/Treasurer
(814) 865-6574
Michael Büsges Headshot
Interim Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
(814) 865-3540
Portrait of Susan Cromwell
Senior Director, Organizational Excellence and Engagement
(814) 867-5187
Joseph M. Cullen
Chief Investment Officer, Office of Investment Management
(814) 865-8319
Emil Cunningham
Director, Office of Diversity and Inclusion
(814) 865-6574
Joseph Doncsecz
Associate Vice President for Finance and Corporate Controller
(814) 865-1355
Duane Elmore
Director of Procurement Services and Chief Procurement Officer
(814) 863-0273
Randy Geering
Special Assistant, Commonwealth Campuses
(814) 898-6225
Daniel Heist
Director, Internal Audit
(814) 865-9596
Kurt A. Kissinger
Associate Vice President for Finance and Business/Controller for College of Medicine
(814) 865-6574
Charlie Noffsinger
Associate Vice President, Police and Public Safety
(814) 863-1892
John Papazoglou
Associate Vice President, Auxiliary and Business Services
(814) 865-5423
Marilyn Presto
Senior Financial Officer
(814) 863-8052
Paul Shrivastava
Chief Sustainability Officer and Director of the Sustainability Institute
(814) 865-4415
Vice President of Facilities Management and Planning, Chief Facilities Officer
(814) 865-4402
Richard Sparrow
Interim Chief Information Security Officer
(814) 867-6247
Headshot of Virginia Teachey
Associate Vice President for Finance
(814) 865-1355
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Director of Risk Management and Chief Risk Officer
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Director of Real Estate