Finance and Business Diversity Statement

We affirm our personal commitment to the University’s values of dignity and respect for all individuals. We believe that the diverse backgrounds and personal characteristics of employees bring varied perspectives and experiences that enrich the environment of the Finance & Business workplaces. Since a diverse workplace is critical to this organization’s ongoing success, we have emphasized diversity and inclusion in our strategic plan and we are committed to ensuring that it will be a part of our everyday business.

We expect the work culture within Finance & Business to be free of negativity and prejudice and we expect everyone to be able to come to work and not worry about being harassed or demeaned. We also expect that all employees will interact with all members of the University community in a professional and respectful manner regardless of their own personal beliefs or backgrounds. We will strive to have a workplace and community that are comfortable, safe and welcoming for everyone.

We encourage anyone who experiences or witnesses intolerance to come forward without fear of retaliation. We recognize that building a diverse and inclusive organization is a continuing process that requires commitment, focused effort and the attention of us all. We will achieve this if we all do our part to ensure that we treat the people around us with kindness, respect and dignity.

Finance & Business Leadership Team