Penn State Police Vehicle

University Shares Police and Public Safety Budget Data

In light of recent requests from members of the University community to convey information about the budget for University Police and Public Safety (UPPS), the University is sharing actual revenues and expenditures for UPPS for three prior fiscal years as well as budgeted amounts for the current fiscal year (Fiscal Year 2020-21).  The information below breaks out Commonwealth Campus Police Operations separately from the corresponding data for University Park.  It is important to note that UPPS is managed as a single unit that provides centralized management of police and public safety operations for University Park and the Commonwealth Campuses.  It should also be noted that UPPS does not provide police services to the Penn State College of Medicine (Hershey, PA), Dickinson Law (Carlisle, PA), or Penn College of Technology (Williamsport, PA).  Before Fiscal Year 2017-18, Commonwealth Campus police and public safety operations were provided for and managed locally.

UPPS Funding Summary FY2018-21