Rate Your Listening Ability

How Do You Rate Your Listening Ability?

One reason listening is so important is that we do so much of it every day. We know that good communicators spend far more of their time listening than they do talking.

Answer each of the following questions. 

Question yes no
Do you enjoy listening?    
Is it easy for you to listen with interest to a large variety of subjects?    
Do your friends seek you out to discuss a problem or decision when they need help?    
Does your attention usually stray toward other groups or people entering or leaving the room?    
Do you interrupt?    
Are you more apt to be thinking ahead to what you will say next rather than weighing what you are being told?    
Do you stop listening to everything when you strongly disagree with the speaker on one point?    
Do you assume or anticipate regarding the other person’s views?    
Do you feel you can judge most people quite quickly before hearing them out?    
Do you generalize (All old people think… all college students…)?    
Do you encourage others to elaborate or clarify points you have misunderstood?    
Do you listen to what is not said, such as the obvious omission?