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Office of Risk Management

Traveling Abroad - Resources for Faculty and Staff


If an emergency develops and it is necessary to contact the University, arrangements have been made for the University Park Campus Police dispatcher to accept calls 24/7/365, regardless of the traveler’s campus affiliation. The number to call is +1 814-863-1111; they will accept collect calls. The caller will be routed to resources at any hour of the day or night via the University Office for Global Programs.

The caller may also dial the Global Safety Manager’s mobile phone at +1 814-360-2829 or the University Risk Officer’s mobile phone directly at +1 814-360-1956. If for some reason telephone service is not available but email contact can be made, a message can be sent to [email protected] and/or [email protected]. However, please note that there may be a delay in response to email depending on when the email is received.


The University has arranged for worldwide coverage for evacuation due to significant political upheaval or natural disaster, from United Healthcare Global (UHCG). Please make contact with the University as noted above for logistical support. UHCG will not reimburse for expenses incurred without their input. In many situations, they will charter an aircraft and will also have other clients to be evacuated simultaneously. To reach UHCG directly, within the U.S., call toll free: (800) 537-2029. Outside the U.S., call collect: +1 410-453-6330.


The University has a process for faculty and staff planning to travel to countries on a list restricted by the U.S. Treasury OFAC office or because of perceived physical danger to travelers. Please see the list of countries. PLEASE NOTE: Faculty planning a trip involving students (regardless of whether or not for academic credit) must secure approval for such a trip IN ADVANCE from the Office of Global Programs.


Employees traveling on University-affiliated business are AUTOMATICALLY covered by an international health and evacuation insurance program provided by UHCG. This is the same coverage required of our students when they travel internationally, and will automatically cover the faculty/staff member whether they are traveling by themselves or along with students on a trip – there is no need for the faculty/staff to separately purchase coverage. The UHCG coverage applies to all international trips which are for University-affiliated reasons; if a faculty/staff member travels for a University-related purpose, but adds on up to seven days of vacation time at the beginning or end of the trip, the entire length of the trip is covered by this insurance.  If vacation time in excess of seven total days will occur during the trip, the faculty/staff member must secure separate health insurance for their vacation time.  This University-supplied insurance will be primary over any other health insurance the individual may carry, including Aetna benefits secured through the University’s employee benefit plans, and there will be no out-of-network or deductible/co-pay on the part of the employee for services covered by UHCG. However, it is very important that when medical services are required, UHCG must be informed in advance except in the most extreme emergency, so they can direct the traveler to covered Western-quality medical providers and hospitals in the area of the faculty/staff member, anywhere in the world. UHCG may be contacted at +1.610.254.5830 or via email at [email protected] or visit the PSU member portal and click on the link for United Healthcare Global Intelligence Center (PSU Authentication Required)