What is Taking Action and why was it developed?

The 2013 Values and Culture Survey indicated high rates of observed misconduct, intimidation, and a lack of trust and accountability within Finance & Business.

Taking Action is a communications and education effort aimed at improving workforce excellence and vitality by creating a culture of trust within Finance & Business. Taking Action provides both employees, and supervisors and managers with tools and resources to communicate better, and identify and deal with wrongdoing.

Why is creating a culture of trust important?

Trust is critical to employee satisfaction as it is tied directly to productivity. Ultimately, job satisfaction and productivity positively impact retention rates, which allow the University to maintain a highly qualified and productive workforce.

Job satisfaction and high rates of productivity can only truly exist in a culture of trust, and only in such a culture can employees be expected to perform at their full-potential.

What is the role of F&B supervisors and managers in Taking Action?

Communications is vitally important to the success of Taking Action. Throughout this process, supervisors and managers must dedicate themselves to sharing information with employees, and provide them with opportunities for open-communications and discussion. Supervisors and managers must model a willingness to listen to new ideas, and objectively and confidentially consider concerns.

Those in supervisory or managerial roles will also have to complete training modules.