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Business Process Transformation

The University’s ambitious plan to replace its key enterprise systems over the next several years gives us a unique opportunity to rethink our core business processes. This process will be a significant investment, but we are confident the results will be worth it.

Penn State’s competitive edge in the future will depend on strong leadership from Finance & Business to put into place streamlined systems for managing student services, human resources, payroll, and financial and facilities resources and information.

F&B leadership will focus on agility, communication, continuous improvement, customer service, and risk-informed decision making. Providing management information that is timely and formatted to both customer and user needs is critical for providing efficient, responsive, and seamless service to the University community.


  • Identify business processes that can benefit from change
  • Make decisions based on the best practices
  • Make the most of what is currently working
  • Develop strategy for data-informed decision making