Praise and Acknowledge Q&A with Director of Diversity and Inclusion Lydia Abdullah

Behavior #6: Praising & Acknowledging

This email is the last in our series of communication behaviors and strategies.  

Providing praise and acknowledgement to an employee for good work can be extremely powerful. Receiving praise increases our confidence and results in a more positive outlook. Individuals who regularly receive praise are more productive, engaged, accountable and loyal to the organization.  The way in which praise is given has a significant impact on its effectiveness.  Whenever possible, it is important to acknowledge specific actions and efforts.  Make it genuine and personal.  

Lydia Abdullah, Director of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion for Finance & Business answers our questions on Praise and Acknowledgment

For more information on the impact of praise in the workplace, please read this:  

Try this:

  1. READ this short article on ‘How to practice the art of acknowledgement’
  2. CREATE a space in your next staff meeting, conversation or interaction to appreciate someone’s positive efforts.
  3. LOOK someone in the eye when you tell them ‘thank you’, and pause a moment to let the recipient soak it in.
  4. WRITE a note- every Friday before you start your weekend, take 90 seconds to handwrite a note to someone you appreciate, even if you see them every day.

If we are consistently employing the communication strategies discussed (Building Rapport, Asking, Listening, Sharing, Engaging and Involving), delivering praise and acknowledgment to colleagues becomes easier.

For additional information, please watch this short video on Communication Tips: Compliments vs Acknowledgement.