Behavior #5: Engaging & Involving

Whether it is a part of day to day business or related to a key project or initiative, taking time to engage and involve your employees in important workplace conversations is critical.  The opportunities provide leadership with fresh ideas and instill a sense of individual ownership for business processes and decisions.

Because every individual is unique, it is important to be creative and look for a variety of approaches for gathering feedback and testing new concepts.  Not every approach will resonate with every individual, but by consistently providing opportunities you send a message that the input and perspective of every member of the organization is valued.

In the video clip below Susan Basso, Vice President for Human Resources, and members of the HR Community reflect on their experience with the HR Transformation Project – a three year initiative to transition Human Resources to a new service delivery model.  Hear from them what they learned about the importance of engaging and involving employees as a result of this effort.

  1.        Provide a variety of ways to become involved, no two people are alike.
  2.        Empower people to try new approaches to work. 
  3.        Create opportunities to work with new people and teams.
  4.        Allow space for information-sharing and discussion.
  5.        Test new processes, gather feedback and share before you finalize.
  6.        Align work with individual strengths.

Try this: 

  1. WATCH a short video, "The Business Case for Strengths
  2. GATHER information on your team's interests and motivations. Consider using some of these questions:
    • What is the driving force that flips your switch and energizes you day in and day out?
    • What needs to happen each day for you to say "this was a great day"?
    • What are your passions?
    • What do you like most about your job?
    • What do you offer the world, personally and professionally?
    • What would you continue to strive to do even in the face of limited resources, personal disabilities, and formidable obstacles?
  3. IDENTIFY opportunities to engage and involve them in work that aligns with their interests and motivations.