Behavior #4: Sharing

When leaders share information, not only are they helping to set their employees up for success-- they are also demonstrating to their employees that they trust them and want them to be "in the know."

It is not always easy to lead with transparency.  As a leader, you are tasked with striking the right balance of exactly what to share, how much to share and with whom to share in relation to the context of each situation.

Please watch the short video clip below featuring Regis Becker, Director of University Ethics and Compliance, giving his thoughts on why sharing information is vital to the productivity and success of his team. 

  1. Sharing information prevents work in a vacuum. 
  2. You need a good reason not to share.
  3. Withholding information can be a negative control mechanism.
  4. Lack of information can lead to misinformation.
  5. Information creates a shared sense of ownership and purpose.
  6. When information is shared, effectiveness increases.

Click here to access an informative article "Career Coach: The importance of being more transparent at the office."

Try this:

1.  REFLECT - Take a moment and think about how you currently share information with your team. What do you share?  How often do you share?  With whom do you share?  Do you ever hesitate to share information?  If so, have you ever explored why?

2.  ASK – Ask someone to provide feedback regarding your information-sharing style.  What’s working?  What could you improve upon? 

3.  PRACTICE - Share information about Taking Action with your employees.  Even though this initiative is starting with the F&B senior leadership team, it will soon involve the entire F& B organization.

Focus on becoming more deliberate in the choices that you make around sharing information with the goal of being as transparent as possible.