2015 Finance & Business Diversity Inclusion Survey

In keeping with our Strategic Priority goals for Advancing Diversity & Inclusion within Finance & Business, we conducted a Climate Survey at the end of 2015 to assess improvements and to determine where we may still need to implement corrective action or provide additional resources.  The results of the last survey in 2012 indicated that acts of intolerance within F&B work units had decreased, and management's and supervisors' commitment to diversity had increased. 

For the 2015 survey, the majority of the respondents still view the climate for diversity and inclusion as positive within F&B and believe that supervisors’ commitment is evident.  We are also seeing no increase in acts of intolerance within F&B and the trend is towards a resolution between/among individuals themselves. Most noteworthy is the reduction by half of the percentage that feels marginalize or not valued.  There were also great recommendations on how to improve the climate for diversity and inclusion within F&B.

Click here to view the survey results.

The areas of greatest concern as noted by the responses include an unwillingness to report acts of intolerance, mistrust of supervisors and management, and fear in the workplace.  F&B leadership will work diligently to ensure that we begin to see notable improvements.  Starting this fall and over the next few years, we will work towards re-establishing trust, improve the transparency of our actions, and operationalize accountability metrics in F&B.  By doing this we will be upholding the tenants of Penn State’s Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Remember to use the Penn State Hotline (1-800-560-1637) to report unethical behavior in the workplace.